Thursday, January 28, 2010

Upgrading AIX system to next Technology Level

Refer to below link for upgrading technology level:

As root user:
# suma -c -a HTTP_PROXY=http://[proxy]:[port]/
# suma -c -a FTP_PROXY=http://[proxy]:[port]/
#smit suma
-> select option "Download Updates Now"
-> select "Download Maintenance Level or Technology Level
-> Provide TL as 5300-07 for e.g.

Once all files are downloaded. Start installation.

# inutoc
# smit update_all
-> provide the directory for software as "/usr/sys/inst.images"
-> toggle the "Accept new license agreement" to Yes.
-> [Enter]
-> [Enter]. 
-> Upgrade starts...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

DAC: no db2jdbc in java.library.path

This error is generated when you try to establish connection to DB2 using DAC even if you have present in lib directory.

To resolve this issue, edit \dac_env.bat and add \SQLLIB\bin to path variable.